Pintxo like a Local
Traditional Food & Wine Tour - with discover San Sebastian

Discover the region’s famous pintxos and learn it’s etiquette like locals.

The picturesque old town is completely packed with Pintxo bars, so many, that knowing where to go and how and what to order can be overwhelming. Discover San Sebastian will take you to the very finest pintxo bars that visitors are unlikely to discover on their own and we’ll suggest you in each one of them their specialties as well as the most suitable drink to accompany it.  Our delectable bite-sized pintxos will make you fall in love forever with our city!

Each pintxo tour will be custom designed based on the group tastes and preferences, no two tours are the same!

From our meeting point we will visit the Old Town where you will learn about Basque traditions and customs as well as how to get around the streets of the old town so that you feel one more among us.

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